Stonehenge Stomp Timetable

Not long to go now before the CoSARC Stonehenge Stomp is under way.

Please find the following timings and useful information:



Registration will be open from 0730

Please allow yourself time to register in before your planned start time.

You will be given a Pink checkpoint card which you will need to get stamped at each checkpoint on your route. If the weather is wet, we advise you keep your Pink card within a plastic wallet.


Start Stomping at:

Walkers can set off from:

40k                             0800-0930

30k                            0830-1000

20k                            0830-1030

10k and 5k               0900-1030


Runners can set off from 0915, NOT before (all routes)

This is to allow marshals time to reach the checkpoints / safety reasons etc

All entrants must complete the course by 1600 and return to HQ to get their cards stamped.


Finding you way on the routes:

All the routes will be marked with coloured-coded tape and signs.

(5K=Purple , 10K=Yellow , 20K=Blue , 30K=Green, 40K=Pink)

There will also be printed instructions available on the day for those who require them. We do not publish routes in advance as they will not be finalised until shortly before the event.

Versions in large print will be available on request on the day.



With the exception of the 5K route, there will be checkpoints along the routes

You need to get your Pink Card stamped at each of your checkpoints.

ALL participants (including the 5K) will need to get their card stamp on their return to the Amesbury Sports Centre to acknowledge they have finished their route.


There will be liquid refreshments at the checkpoints but in support of our waste policy, there will NOT be any disposable cups available.

We will be offering you the chance to purchase our own reusable cups at a very reasonable price at the sports hall (Not available at checkpoints) or alternately you can use your own water vessels.


We ask all participants to respect the Countryside Code.