Stonehenge Stomp Reusable Cups

New for 2019 – Stonehenge Stomp reusable cups!

Good news!!  The Stomp organisers have been looking at ways to reduce the event’s use of non-degradable and non-recyclable materials.  From the 2019 event, we will not be buying cups for the aid stations.   We would ask all participants either to bring their own reusable cup or bottle, or buy a Stomp reusable cup available at Event HQ.  Squash and water will still be provided at the aid stations.  We have for sale, a light reusable cup which you will be able to buy on the day at the Amesbury Sports Centre.

At the Stonehenge Stomp, we now have a “zero waste to landfill” policy.  All the waste from the event will go to be recycled, composted or made into ecobricks.


Tins, glass, paper, cardboard, recyclable plastics – kerbside collections.

Food waste – into green cone in volunteer’s garden.

Non-recyclable plastics – made into ecobricks.


We will also be recycling into eco-bricks, any non-recyclable plastic such as biscuit packaging, clingfilm, food wrappers.  This waste will be washed, dried, cut up and stuffed into plastic bottles to become building material for local outdoor projects such as raised beds, boundaries or seating. The durability of plastic when buried, and using cob as a mortar, ensures that ecobricks can be recovered at the end of the structure’s life and used again.  Find out more here: