History of the Stomp


The first Stomp event took place in 1989 and it has always been held on the same date, the last whole weekend in January.

Originally the Saturday walk, The Woodhenge Womble did not start until late afternoon and many people completed it in the dark.  The Woodhenge Womble still takes place but now starts at 2pm from Durrington.  (See The Amesbury Walkers website).

In the early days the people who helped included local air cadets and although many helpers have and gone over the years there were still some there at the thirtieth event in 2018.

In the early 1990’s Amesbury Sports Centre had a bar and walkers would go into Amesbury for a meal on the Saturday night and come back to the Centre for a beer and some socialising with friends, some of whom had not seen each other since the previous Stomp!.  Overnight accommodation was provided in the Centre, you brought your own sleeping bag and chose your spot in the Gym Hall.  Everyone was up and about by six am and waiting for a cooked breakfast.  Some were a bit bleary eyed, especially the cadet groups who had been playing about half the night!

By about eight am everyone had got themselves sorted, signed on and ready to go.  Over the thirty years we have been pretty lucky with the weather, usually cold but once you got going it wasn’t too bad.

The Stomp route has stayed basically the same over the years, occasionally we have had to make changes due to weather conditions and the expected footfall over National Trust Ground.  All four routes pass through the same checkpoints so if you are not having such a good day you can always drop back to s shorter distance.

In most of the thirty years we have averaged around the five hundred entrants, there are one or two people who have completed all the events and are looking likely to make it thirty one.  There has been a lot of commitment to the event over the years and especially from the local landowners who have allowed us to place controls for the walk on their land.

As we have said 2018 was the thirtieth anniversary of the event and members of CoSARC came on board to run things with help from some of the Amesbury Walkers.  2018 was possibly a bit frantic with many old and a lot of new faces coming along to celebrate the walk.  We are all looking forward to 2019 and hope it will be a equally good day, where you can come along and enjoy the event in this historic landscape.


Keith Burningham