10K and 20K Route Recce

The day of the 10K and 20K route recces was set for Sunday 9th December and dawned bright and clear, although blustery, with a good number of dark clouds around threatening rain!   Eighteen of us met up at the Amesbury Sports Centre (Event HQ) and set off at 9:00am to check two of the Stonehenge Stomp routes.  There are two reasons why we run the routes before the day of the event; to check for any changes or obstacles and to check that the route instructions make sense.   All was fine with the 10K route –  it was muddy in places, to be expected after a signifcant amount of rain over the past month and we saw a heron on the other side of the river.  That’s what is great about going outside and getting some exercise – you never know what species of wildlife you may encounter!  The 20K was good also, but may possibly include going around the police cordon, if it is still in place by 27th January 2019.   And, it had to be done; most of us met up afterwards at Friar Tuck’s