Now run by City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club in association with Amesbury Walkers

Welcome to the website for the CoSARC STONEHENGE STOMP

In 2018, this wonderful event will celebrate its 30th anniversary – and we at the City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club (CoSARC) are delighted that Amesbury Walkers, the previous organisers, are happy to work with us to ensure it continues for many more years to come.

So, the 2018 event will be the first organised by CoSARC, in association with Amesbury Walkers.

What’s going to change? NOTHING. Or, at least, as little as possible. We love the Stomp and want to keep as close to the original format as possible. Therefore, it will still be a walking event that is happy to include runners and joggers – as well as dogs and children – with no times or results recorded. We very much hope both walkers and runners will continue to support us.

Hopefully all your questions and queries will be answered in these pages. If not, please email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So make a note of the date – Sunday 28th January 2018 – and we’ll look forward to seeing you then.



We’ve been rounding up a few badges and were wondering who has done the most Stomps – and got the badges to show for it! Send us a pic if you can beat our collection – or have some different badges to ours

A love affair with the Stonehenge Stomp

As a member of the LDWA, I always look forward to receiving their magazine to see what Challenge Events are coming up. It was in 1989 that I noticed the first Stonehenge Stomp was being organised by Amesbury Walkers and as it was being held in a very beautiful area as well as not being far for me to travel to, I entered to complete the 30K. As far as I can remember the weather was dry and not too windy. The course was well marked with colour-coded tags as we were also given a printed route description.
The organisers and all who helped were really lovely, friendly and good fun. There were copious cold drinks, biscuits and sweeties at each of the checkpoints and the volunteers manning them were cheerful and encouraging – stalwarts over the years looking after us no matter what the weather was doing. At the end I received my certificate and beautiful embroidered cloth badge depicting the huge Sarsen Stones of Stonehenge. What is so amazing is that every year, with the exception of one, a new badge was designed with variations of the Stones. It really made one want to do all the events each year just to collect the badges. In fact, I did do all the events between 1989 and 2017, except for one in 2016 when I was in Antarctica.
In 1990, I was pleased to see the Stomp was continuing and registered for the 40K route, which I then did each time for several more years. One year it was very cold with a freezing hoar fog and as I was running along the ice that had formed in my long hair was chinking with each step I took – I thought I was wearing a chandelier on my head. Other years, when the ground wasn’t frozen over, there were some lovely areas of mud, glorious mud!
Over the years my daughter, Fiona, her husband, Graham, and my partner, Gary, would do their own choice of route length whenever they had free time to do the event. Then we all walked the 10K route as a family after my two granddaughters, Caitlin and Kezia, were born. To begin with they were taken in a carrier on their Dad’s back until they were capable of walking the distance themselves. We took our binoculars and enjoyed seeing all the wildlife en route and a simple picnic lunch, which we ate sitting on the fallen logs amongst the beech trees and snowdrops at King Barrows with a magnificent view of Stonehenge.
We are planning to do the 2018 event, which is now being organised by the City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club, in association with Amesbury Walkers, and would encourage anyone to do so as well – but be prepared to get hooked. The Stomp has a magical allure…
Wendy White